Wednesday, April 29, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I've never watch any of the X-Men movies before. Previously I would think that this kind of movies doesn't suit me. However my experience tells me that I can be wrong. A good example will be Transformer. I like it after i watched it. Kind of regret for not watching it in cinema. Furthermore, I started to be fond of Hugh Jackman after watching 'Australia'...He's very masculine...haha...

So today we went to watch this movie in Times Square beside taking the doughnuts. I think that it's not bad, not only because of my fondness for Hugh Jackman but the actions were quite good. I like his claws(are they claws?), especially after they're changed into adamantium. Wow, they can cut anything like cutting vege( Xiong said like cutting jelly). I keep on wow-wow-ing, which made me felt so unlike the usual me.

If get chance, I wanna watch previous movies of X-men...Hehe..
P/s: If you watch this movie, please stay until the very end of it...if not, you'll be like me..dunno what's the last scene and now suffering to know...Tell me, ANYONE? emm, or the one i watched was already the last scene?I meant got people wanted to arrest Stryker u know?u?u?or u?...siao.

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pying said...

watched X-Men I,II and III ady...thanks to PPS...haha