Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon

No thrill at all when watching this movie...Maybe Robert Pattinson appeared less in this movie...Maybe I no longer think that he's cute...or maybe like boonsan said, I'm in O&G posting(too stress to enjoy any movies)...

Can't wait for Eclipse...:)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today I scrubbed in as second assistant(which was quite redundant) in an elective lower segment caesarean section...I was happy that I finally could finally drape a real patient but guess what, I did a mistake that is my hand kena the drip stand while draping...Sigh, had to go and change another pair of gloves. By the time I was ready, they already finish draping. Really didn't help much but at least I had a taste of standing next to the table...Ya la, i know I'm such lousy that I didn't scrub in during surgical posting...

In the afternoon I went to colposcopy clinic...Met a very nice experienced doctor who is not garang and likes to teach...Made me ashame of my inadequate basic knowledge...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today I felt very lucky because I managed to conduct one delivery without waiting very long...Patient's os was already 9cm when she reached labour room...ya, my so called delivery was just holding the baby's head together with the midwife and she pulled it out for me...Then I clamped the cord, cut it and then delivered the placenta...Thank god it was an uneventful case...And I was lucky that Jian Yang was there to tell me what to do...This was the first time in this year that I went to labour room to conduct. For sure I have forgotten many things.

Can't wait for tomorrow to end. Tomorrow night need to go labour room again...So scared!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Can't believe that I watched this...
instead if Christmas Carol...but maybe Christmas Carol isn't very good too, right?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nam Heong

6.11.2009 Xiong and I went to Pudu Raya because I was going home...Since there was still some time before my bus arrived, we went for lunch in Petaling Street...Oh god, I felt like it was ages ago...


First attraction was that it is air-cond...Secondly, it has quite a lot of customers...Maybe it’s a hint that the food is good...haha.

DSC01716 These were the dishes that we ordered...

Generally I like the food...Xiong likes the asam fish because it was sour enough...

p/s: Don’t have time to edit the picture so that they look more nice…:(

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Initially this was just a movie that I wanted to accompany Xiong to watch...

Before we watched it, there were many people said that it was good...Beside that, I dunno whether the reason was the weekend or the movie was really so nice, we nearly couldn't buy the ticket...That made me curious about it!

Anyway, it is obviously not a lousy movie but just that sometimes it drags too long in some scenes that made me bored...laughter+boring=neutral...haha

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


stress till wanna die but no time to die...
cannot breath
cannot shout
cannot swallow

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two weeks in Slim River( Part 2)


There was not even one admission on my first oncall...Did a few dextrostix on newborns, celebrated Jannah’s birthday and slept at 12am...Later went to SCN again to do capillary blood sampling...Couldn’t press enough of blood from the heel. That’s why the nurse took over...:(

Second time of oncall...There was one admission but no body woke us up...Knew it in the morning...I slept from 10pm to 5am...Just did one urine dipstick...Don’t feel like oncall at call because not tired...


I brought my laptop there partly because I needed to read the power point presentation for a seminar and partly because it’s my sole entertainment source...In the second week, I got a game from a friend. In the game,we were supposed to be a detective-finding clues and solving puzzles...I liked finding clues but I wasn’t patient in solving puzzles...Therefore I took the shortcut(by looking the tips that my friend saved from the web) and finished the game shortly...



The food in the hospital cafe is quite of if you don’t mind the lack of variety...Sometimes I would order fried rice as my dinner before the cafe closed at 5.30pm...There are some chinese restaurants but I just had chance to try once in 3 different restaurants respectively.

P/s:Today I just knew that I’m going to Slim River again for O&G posting...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Two weeks in Slim River( Part 1)

1) Accommodation

The condition of the house that we stayed was not comparable to that in Teluk Intan. However, since that were just four of us in a house, it was quite comfortable.

2) Hospital

DSC01696  It is within walking distance from the place that we stayed.

Within the first three days, we were given two warnings/kind reminders from the specialist. Most of the time, it’s about punctuality but sometimes there was misunderstanding.

DSC01701 1

We had a comfy air-conditioned room. It’s the oncall room where we slept at night. However, during the daytime you still find people sleeping there...(Thanks for the models above. I have blurred their face. Hehe.)

p/s: I’m lazy to write…that’s why I separate it into parts...Dunno when I’ll write part 2...Hehe...