Monday, November 2, 2009

Two weeks in Slim River( Part 1)

1) Accommodation

The condition of the house that we stayed was not comparable to that in Teluk Intan. However, since that were just four of us in a house, it was quite comfortable.

2) Hospital

DSC01696  It is within walking distance from the place that we stayed.

Within the first three days, we were given two warnings/kind reminders from the specialist. Most of the time, it’s about punctuality but sometimes there was misunderstanding.

DSC01701 1

We had a comfy air-conditioned room. It’s the oncall room where we slept at night. However, during the daytime you still find people sleeping there...(Thanks for the models above. I have blurred their face. Hehe.)

p/s: I’m lazy to write…that’s why I separate it into parts...Dunno when I’ll write part 2...Hehe...

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