Wednesday, April 29, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I've never watch any of the X-Men movies before. Previously I would think that this kind of movies doesn't suit me. However my experience tells me that I can be wrong. A good example will be Transformer. I like it after i watched it. Kind of regret for not watching it in cinema. Furthermore, I started to be fond of Hugh Jackman after watching 'Australia'...He's very masculine...haha...

So today we went to watch this movie in Times Square beside taking the doughnuts. I think that it's not bad, not only because of my fondness for Hugh Jackman but the actions were quite good. I like his claws(are they claws?), especially after they're changed into adamantium. Wow, they can cut anything like cutting vege( Xiong said like cutting jelly). I keep on wow-wow-ing, which made me felt so unlike the usual me.

If get chance, I wanna watch previous movies of X-men...Hehe..
P/s: If you watch this movie, please stay until the very end of it...if not, you'll be like me..dunno what's the last scene and now suffering to know...Tell me, ANYONE? emm, or the one i watched was already the last scene?I meant got people wanted to arrest Stryker u know?u?u?or u?...siao.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First time eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Huhu, we finally redeem one dozen of doughnuts. For your information, each original flavour doughnuts costs RM2.50. if you buy one dozen, it's RM19.90. Each doughnut of other flavours is RM2.80. One dozen is Rm23++,i can't remember exactly. You also can buy 2 dozens, of course they are cheaper. I have given 7 to other friends. So far the comments were positive. However, i personally don't like it very much because it's too sweet for me. Hopefully I can try the other flavours soon.

It's very 'syok' ing experince to take free doughnuts...We didn't have to wait for long in the queue and could just took away the box of doughnuts without taking out wallet.haha.

Monday, April 27, 2009

ABC of dermatology

An Elated Day

I am very happy now. I have got many things that I wanted in this morning.

i) Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020

This was the first time I bought amanah saham. Although I just deposited a small sum of money, my main purpose is to own an account. I don't think in coming years I'll have time to queue so long for this.

Xiong and I went to Maybank at 8am. There was already more than 10 people queuing at the entrance. Some even brought their own chair and some taking umbrella to shield them from the sun. We wondered why more people queuing at Maybank as compared to Rhb bank. Together with us was Ah Beng, who was having severe heart-ache because his recently repaired car got scratched again. Later on, we decided to queue at Rhb instead because there was less people. Until now, I didn't know whether it was a wise decision.

At 9.15am, the Rhb door was finally opened and we all rushed in mannerly. I got No 11 and Ah Beng got No 10. Xiong got a number too but we finally gave that to other people. Once we got the numbers, we were told that the system's having problem. Hence our applications couldn't be processed. The only thing that we could do was TO WAIT. I was quite nervous as we supposed to go to Times Square to grab the chance of winning one-year supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (which was quite impossible). Finally about 9.30am Xiong went there alone and had his lucky story there. Then Ah Beng and I continued waiting in the bank. I had my eyes and ears widely opened to detect any signs that the counter was open. In the meanwhile, I kind of eavesdropping and knew that some people were calling to check the conditions of other agents. It was a long long waiting time but I think it was worth. Until about 11.45pm, everything was settled. The first place I wanted to go after that was toilet. Gosh, now I know that the bank doesn't provide wash rooms for customers. But who expects customers to stay in bank so long?

ii) Lucky Xiong with Krispy Kreme doughtnuts

''Krispy Kreme is a leading branded specialty retailer of premium quality treats, including its signature hot Original Glazed® doughnuts. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, the company has offered the highest quality doughtnuts and great tasting coffee since it was founded in 1937. Today Krispy Kreme and its one-of-a-kind Hot Light can be found in approximately 525 locations around the world. Visit Krispy Kreme at"

27 April 2009 was the opening of first Krispy Kreme in Malaysia. The above paragraph was copied from the document prepared for the press.

Back to the story. When Xiong nearly reached Krispy Kreme, there was alrealy a throng of people. Then he saw three ladies who were going there too. He followed them and reached a place where people wrote down some of their details and got a paper bag. He knew he wouldn't be among the 100 people who would get free supplies of doughnuts. However, he still waited there for a while. After that he asked the people working there that when he could enter the shop. Only then he realized that he was mistaken as people from the press since his attire was formal and the paper bag with gifts was meant for the press. That person also paiseh to take back the bag from Xiong...Hehe. Then Xiong drove back and told me this happening...I nearly laughed my head off.

Inside the paper bag was a mug, a voucher for one dozen of original Glaze, a CD(press kit that contains pictures of doughnuts, VIPs and a news that was prepared to be published in the newspapers tomorrow. Now I know that the reporters of this kind of opening are easy to be. The news was prepared for you and you just need to fill in the winners' names...haha...

iii) Clinique's gift

If you see the front page of The Star today, you'll sure see a sticker of Clinique. Except for people in Ktdi la, because i found that that somebody already peeled off those stickers. Just brought that sticker to authorized Clinique counters and you'll received a skin consultation and a gift that worth the value you scratched on the sticker. I went to Clinique in Jusco Maluri and got mine.

Lucky one, you make my day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today we went to Coliseum for lunch. We went there by LRT and stopped at station Bandaraya. Then from Sogo we walked for some distance before we reached this old restaurant. I didn't take many pictures as I would like to because I didn't want to attract other people's attention..Haha.
Fried beehoon was nice since I like beehoon, noodles etc that are not too dry. Cordon bleu and the toast were ok. I can't actually tell people how the food is whenever they ask me. I might stare at them for few seconds, trying to think the answer but at last I'll say I dunno. Em, 'ok' is a better answer? But I think if I said the food is terrible, I guess it's really terrible...ok, forgive my digression. Let's talk about the apple juice that I was quite disappointed at. I expected fresh juice but instead of that it tasted like packet one.

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paul Blart:Mall Cop

Movie for's funny only if you don't have much expectation.Watching it in cinema and at the same time eating McD...wakakaka :p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yaki-Yaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

16 April 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shinjuku Incident

Watch it today...Overall this movie is quite good but it's a bit too aggressive for me. I don't like the scene of chopping hand. It looked unreal and i felt disgusting. Haha :)...Also i was quite surprised to see that the game in Anglia Shandy's 'Shinjuku Incident' contest was actually adapted from a scene in the movie. Steelhead(Jackie Chan) was chased by Yakuza(the Japanese gangsters)and they threw knives at him...initially I thought it was jz a game...hehe

Monday, April 13, 2009

Extractions of Wisdom teeth

Anyone knows why they are called wisdom teeth? Honestly I don't have any clues.

I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted during this holiday. They are my second and third time of wisdom tooth extraction. They are nuisance and annoying when they caused me discomfort. I had the first surgery done last year. It wasn't very painful as my experienced dentist is skillful. However, I feel lucky that I don't have four wisdom teeth. I can't even bear the thought that I need to remove another one and wait one week for the suture removal.

Last but not least, remove the teeth, retain the wisdom...hehe

P/S: The photo shows my third wisdom tooth. I took it back as it is the only complete one. Previous two were cut into pieces in order to be removed.

First entry

Today is the first day of Year 5 in my medical school life. Since we start with Special Study Module, i feel like it's still holiday.But i know i'll soon be proved wrong. I believed that we'll be quite busy but i hope not stressful...ok, back to the main topic of today
Before i started writing blog, i had many ideas and stories that i wanted to share. However everytime i look at the computer screen, my mind goes blank. Hence i just write something in my friendster's blog once in a while. This was also the reason i named that blog '' Once in a blue moon ''....

U might wonder,since i have already had a blog, why i want to create a new one. One of the reasons is that i become more forgetful these days and i am afraid that this is going to be worse. There are so much sweet memories that i would like to keep forever but my brain is not co-operating to keep them fresh. Thus, i wish this blog will help me keep records of interesting things that I've done.

I am a perfectionist, most of the time. I want my blog to have a special background but as u see now, it's not since i have yet to find one that i love at first sight. I don't want to postpone my plan of writing a blog anymore. Hence, i'll just use a simple one and change the background later.
Although this is mundane entry as an introduction, I am happy that I finally make the first move. Hopefully I'll update this blog frequently(emm, a huge expectation for a person who is hangat-hangat tahi ayam...wakakaka)