Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today we went to Coliseum for lunch. We went there by LRT and stopped at station Bandaraya. Then from Sogo we walked for some distance before we reached this old restaurant. I didn't take many pictures as I would like to because I didn't want to attract other people's attention..Haha.
Fried beehoon was nice since I like beehoon, noodles etc that are not too dry. Cordon bleu and the toast were ok. I can't actually tell people how the food is whenever they ask me. I might stare at them for few seconds, trying to think the answer but at last I'll say I dunno. Em, 'ok' is a better answer? But I think if I said the food is terrible, I guess it's really terrible...ok, forgive my digression. Let's talk about the apple juice that I was quite disappointed at. I expected fresh juice but instead of that it tasted like packet one.

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