Monday, April 13, 2009

First entry

Today is the first day of Year 5 in my medical school life. Since we start with Special Study Module, i feel like it's still holiday.But i know i'll soon be proved wrong. I believed that we'll be quite busy but i hope not stressful...ok, back to the main topic of today
Before i started writing blog, i had many ideas and stories that i wanted to share. However everytime i look at the computer screen, my mind goes blank. Hence i just write something in my friendster's blog once in a while. This was also the reason i named that blog '' Once in a blue moon ''....

U might wonder,since i have already had a blog, why i want to create a new one. One of the reasons is that i become more forgetful these days and i am afraid that this is going to be worse. There are so much sweet memories that i would like to keep forever but my brain is not co-operating to keep them fresh. Thus, i wish this blog will help me keep records of interesting things that I've done.

I am a perfectionist, most of the time. I want my blog to have a special background but as u see now, it's not since i have yet to find one that i love at first sight. I don't want to postpone my plan of writing a blog anymore. Hence, i'll just use a simple one and change the background later.
Although this is mundane entry as an introduction, I am happy that I finally make the first move. Hopefully I'll update this blog frequently(emm, a huge expectation for a person who is hangat-hangat tahi ayam...wakakaka)

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