Saturday, May 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Today we sat at the second row from below, next to the wall somemore. The cinema was so full of people since it's saturday. I just couldn't find any other time more suitable than 2.45pm to watch it...Hence, the uncomfortable seat was the only choice.
I never watch any Terminator movies before. Not long after the movie started, Xiong 'warned' me not to watch previous movies, as I did to X-men. Now I can tell him that I won't.
This movie wasn't added to my favourite movie list. Haha. That's the conclusion.
Sometimes when we thought the movies have ended, they actually still have a scene at end. We have missed that for few times, that's why I waited till the very end today...dun worry, this movie doesn't have one...(but luckily yesterday we waited for Monsters vs Aliens)

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