Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lunch at McDonald

Today we went to McDonald for lunch...Since SSM was so depressing, I started to crave for fastfood as a method of relieve. However, my limit is no more than once in a week la.(By the way, I'm putting weight now. That's why fast food do me no good at all)

We ordered two sets of Spicy chicken McDeluxe. Xiong took the large but I only chose the medium. We took the usual coke instead of diet coke and Xiong was annoyed after we read this(see below). Coke light is just 1kcal regardless of size!How ignorant I am...

Ignore the oil stain from french fries ya...Haha...
McDonald is very good la. They display the energy(kcal) of food that you eat. It's like the warning on the cigarette box. If you want to smoke, then you take the risk of getting cancer(pity us, the passive smoker la). Same goes to this, if you want to eat fast food frequently, you bear the consequences.

We always have exercise plan, study plan and diet plan but none of them seem to be successful and persistent so far. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day a start of...haha...hopefully and hopefully.

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