Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New History in UKM Medical Faculty

Today is a memorable day.

Later in our life, I think most of us will remember how we have struggled through 3 semesters of Special Study Module(SSM) and finally presented our research findings(either oral or poster presentations) in First SSM Annual Scientific Meeting, UKM Medical Centre.

The day kicked off at 7am with the registration. Of course not much participants were going sharp at 7am except me, the dumb dumb. Haha. But I felt quite content that I helped with pasting the posters and chatting around. After registration, we were given a bag with an abstract book, a pen, a notebook, a bottle of water, card and even sweets(I guess to prevent us doze off...See how considerate the commitee were)...Then I realized that my phone battery was running low- meant that I couldn't took much photo with it. I was indeed very shy to take photo with my SE K810i since so many professional photographers were taking photos with their high tech and expensive camera. Wish I could have one too...*blink*

There were 42 groups of us. 21 groups presented orally and 21 groups presented using posters. At the end of the day, 3 groups from each mode of presentation would be chosen as winners and would be sent to Jakarta for Malaysia-Indonesia-Brunei scientific conference.

The most special VIP of the day, in my opinion, was Dato' Dr Amir bin Abas. He is the foundation dean of medical faculty of UKM. Ok la, maybe you think it's not that special. Somehow the title of "first" is glamorous ma.

I didn't see much of the poster presentation as oral and poster presentations were held simultaneously. However, I could say that oral presentations were interesting. What? You saw me chatting most of the time? No la, at least I did pay attention for 30 minutes since the beginning of presentation, after every tea break and whenever professors and doctors asking questions...

Me with poster of my group

Last but not least, kudos to my group members who were presenting and congrats to the winners. Those who were desperate to win but failed, don't be too sad ya...For those who were desperate to win and finally win, you should sleep well tonight.

~Undergraduate Research: Foundation For the Future~

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