Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dim Sum Buffet at Mandarin Palace, Federal Hotel

All You Can Eat Dim Sum Brunch

Unlimited dim sum+ porridge+ noodle+ unlimited dessert
Monday- Friday
RM20++ for adults
RM15++ for child and senior citizen

Weekend Brunch

Unlimited dim sum+ porridge+ noodle+vegetable+ unlimited dessert
Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays
RM25++ for adults
RM20++ for child and senior citizen

(Blur blur photo taken by a waiter. Anyway, thank him for volunteer)

I always feel that it's wise to go for buffet with some friends if you really want to taste various kind of food without wasting.

Overall the dim sum were good. Even the variety of dim sum wasn't big, you shouldn't expect more with the price of RM20(excluding government tax, service charge, drinks and appetizer). We ordered a pot of chinese tea but we were charged Rm2.50 per person. Appetizer was about RM7.50 and I am not sure whether you can refuse to take it or not.
Three of us(Ah Beng, Bun San and I) were busy taking photos once the dim sum were served. I hope Ah yap and Lawrence weren't cursing me as I delayed them savouring the dim sum. Just kidding. :)

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