Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

200px-Inglourious_Basterds_posterXiong insisted that I would sleep while watching this movie but I didn’t...I never had history of sleeping in cinema but you did, ok?

This movie is about two and a half hours or even more(just estimation)...Even though it was long but I didn’t realize it coz I didn’t look at the time...It was divided into chapters, so feeling like reading a book... I won’t say I like it very much but it’s not too bad...Maybe I enjoyed watching Brad Pitt with thick accent and beautiful Mélanie Laurent(as Shosanna Dreyfus in the movie). Not forget to mention, Landa, the central antagonist. Nicknamed Jew Hunter, he was an awesome detective to search for hiding Jews and even able to capture the Basterds...

Just realize one thing when I browsed through wikipedia i.e. Maggie Cheung did take part in filming this movie as Madame Mimieux. However, her scenes were cut for length reasons.

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