Sunday, October 18, 2009

I shouldn't have gone to Clinique in Lot 10

We are supposed to get one sample of All about Eye(eye cream) which worth from Clinique by showing an Clinique sms. The last day for this offer is today...

I went to its counter in Lot 10 two days ago. I realized that it was a BIG mistake for me to go there...There were 2 other chinese girls wanted to redeem the eye cream...Hence the promoter gathered 3 of us and gave us a lecture...The first question she asked was 'What is healthy skin'...None of us answered her...Why she sounded and acted so much like a lecturer and make me feel disgusting...She spent one hour on us(including the time she went away to serve other customers and left 3 of us talking to each other)...After 1 hour of lecture and promoting the product, she asked which one we wanted to buy...(of coure I believe deep inside her heart, she knew that we're not going to buy any)...Finally we got the eye cream but not the 5ml one as mentioned in the sms...She just gave us a pitifully small amount and said:you just want to try, right?Please la, if you want people to buy your product, you need to let them use the product and see the effect,k? What made me burst was that the 2 girls told me that they just came from Clinique in Pavillion and the samples was given easily without so much nuisance...Oh god, I swear I won't to the Lot 10's or whichever counters if I were to see her face again!

The product itself is not a problem...I just don't like the attitude of the promoter...or maybe all promoter are supposed to act like that?

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