Saturday, February 8, 2014


Finally had LASIK done on 7.2.14 in Prince Court Medical Centre.

Today is day one post op. feel so much better as compared to yesterday. Yesterday I hardly could open my eyes due to the dryness. Have to diligently apply eyedrops as instructed. Now the vision is good but of course not 100% perfect yet. Hopefully have an uneventful recovery.👍

10.2.14 (Day 3 post op)
Vision still kinda foggy. Knowing that it is only day 3 but still feel anxious.

13.2.14 (Day 6 post op)
Vision has become clear and no more foggy! Still have illusion that I am wearing glasses and occasionally try to adjust my glasses but find out that it is no longer there.

Everything seems to be fine. Occasionally there will  be eye dryness but I was told that I have eye dryness even before the LASIK. Vision is not 100% perfect with one eye closed but near perfect with both eyes open. Have yet to check the power!

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