Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1st Jan 2014

New Year without new resolutions as usual- maybe I know I won't strive to fulfill anything. Haha.
Anyway, a blog post on first day of 2014 to kick start the year and of course to clean the spiderweb of my blog also! (which by the way is back dated but pretend to be written on the same day by its lazy owner.)

Surprisingly, an outing on 1/1/2014 was out of my expectation. I thought I would only rot in the room for the whole day. We went to Pavillion to watch Police Story 2013 which I really wished the movie end as soon as possible. Before watching movie, we had dinner at Ippudo. Really like the ramen although hubby thought that the soup tasted too porky. 

First time uploading photos taken by the new camera , Canon EOS-M, which was bought on Christmas eve. Buying this camera is another story of how I can be easily influenced by the salesman. All the surveys for Nikon D5200 and Canon 700D have gone down the drain. Despise myself. But honestly, maybe mirrorless camera, as compared to DSLR, is more suitable for lazy people like me.


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