Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wrong movie tickets

Before we went to Tony Roma, we bought 2 movie tickets to watch Eclipse, or we thought we did...After having our dinner, we rushed to the cinema as we were already 10 minutes late. The movie supposed to start at 10.30 but when we reached the hall at 10.40, it was quite empty and dark...we had no doubt but sat on the couple seats and had our sweet own time...Then the advertisement started blah blah blah...After that it started showing Despicable Me...I told Xiong there's something wrong...Then we checked the tickets. ok, we were in the right hall and the tickets were for Despicable me! Xiong went out to settle this while I continued watching it...It wasn't that funny but some people were laughing...I wonder whether their laughing threshold too low or mine is too high...Finally we returned the tickets and got money back...I refused to watch another one as I was too tired...ZZZ.

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