Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Big Bet

I should have written an entry here aeons ago but was not able to due to laziness ^.^

Anyway here I am writing my first ever entry in a blog. So here is a recap of what I have been doing this past week. As pying went to HTI (Hospital T. Intan) this week, I decided to take the opportunity to starve myself a little bit. You must be wondering why I want to starve myself right? Well it’s because of an insane bet I made with my friends few weeks ago. I bet with them that I would shed 2 kg in 1 month, and this Friday is the day I have to weigh in front of them to see my progress!!! If i lose i have to give them a treat, if i win good for me...i mean what kind of bet is that and why am i so stupid to accept it at that time, i also dunno.

To complicate things for myself, I had constipation for 4 days and last week my weight was 69.4kg!!! The feces that were impacted inside my colon must have weigh 1.4kg because previously I was 68kg.

Anyway I bought some cabbage and chicken keel so that I can cook it for dinner this whole week. My plan of cooking failed miserably as I was so tired every day after coming back from ward. Somehow I managed to cook it on Tuesday and the result is as the picture below.

Tasted horrible, atrocious, nan chi, pai ciak, tak sedap, im hou sek, even though I was so hungry at that time.

Dunno why some people said cooking it that style will taste good :( bluff people… Not going to elaborate how I cook it, it’s taxing. Because I used 2 hours to cook it, 2 freaking hours!!! Can u imagine that….

On Thursday, I just cook the remaining cabbage and chicken keel without rice. Hai seem like I was born without any talent in cooking, as this time I screw it up again. For the second time this week I need to eat disgusting food…at least I am the one that cook it….if not I will definitely boycott the shop forever. Sleep early that night because I was so tired from the cooking and washing =.=

So Friday finally arrived, and I was nervous because I knew I will definitely lose my bet. Screw my big mouth for betting it in the first place. Oh rewind a bit, so as I said I sleep early last night, so I woke up 3 something in the morning, read some books then..gruuu….gruuu. I look around but see no one. So I proceed reading. But i was a little uneasy as it was cold and very quiet night. Again the sound appeared, and this time even louder GRUUU….GRUUUU. So i began to search high and low for the sound. Finally i found's Mr tummy grumbling ^.^ So to pacify mr tummy, I went to McD for breakfast.

Its 4 something in the morning so that’s the only place to go though I know it’s fattening. What la today have to weigh in front of people now still go eat McD. Hai if want to lose also lose with a bit o dignity right. Anyway off I go to McD and grab a fillet o fish. It has the least calories besides sausage McMufin. So after I ate it, I went back straight away. Half way mr tummy grumbles again…gruuu…gruuu.

What la I just ate, you still grumble. GULUUU…GULUUU. Then suddenly I felt a sharp pain at the umbilicus area. With each ticking of the clock the pain get more and more excruciating. So I sped home and release the time bomb...3 TIMES!! Finally what a relieve, as this week 4 days no BO.

Later in the morning, when i weigh in front of my friend. Guess what i lose 2.4 kg!!! But i still lose the bet as i gained an extra 1.4kg during that period and now still get 1kg deficit. Anyway i am happy with the result because it shows that it is possible to lose weight if you diet (p/s: eat the disgusting food that i cook. erm 2days in a week is enough.) and exercise a bit (15minutes jog, 1 day per week ;P).

So to everyone out there that want to lose weight can contact me. I will give you all consultation on how to lose 2.4kg in 5 days. But must pay for consultation fee. Eh where get free things in this world right.

The good thing about my diet regime is, you can even eat McD. Wink ^.^

To summarize everything, never bet with people unless you are confident of winning. Cos now i will be a few bucks poorer -.-


玮文美女 said...

haha...u can be a good blogger la..the post is so funny and wonder i can lose weight food here muz be bad taste enuf without i even realise.. but my tummy did realise it and reject all the bad taste lipid for absorbing into my intestine...

wong said...

Haha, this one is pretty funny, :)
But remember, please eat healthily, health always comes first, it's the most important thing, u shud know tat as u r in the most related field :P

pying said...

this was written by wei xiong...not me...